Real news. Real local.
Trusted and transparent.

At Colorado Community Media, our mission and values guide the work we do. Every day. With high ethical standards and transparent processes, we strive to earn—and keep—the trust of the communities we serve.

A mission to inform and connect.

"In seeking the truth, you have to get
both sides of the story."

~ Walter Cronkite

Our mission

Colorado Community Media connects, educates and empowers readers along the Front Range as the state’s largest source of hyperlocal news, information and advertising. 

Our vision:

Our vision is to be a clear and transparent voice for our readers and a trusted community resource where they can consistently turn first for news and events that impact them most.

Our values:

  • Sense of community
    As a hyperlocal media company, telling the stories of the communities we serve is job number one. For us, community is more than just a geographical boundary. It is a sense of being, of culture and of the collective experiences that bring us together as residents, businesses, and journalists. At CCM our publications will always strive to celebrate the diverse communities we cover.

  • Integrity
    Our entire profession is based upon trust. In our reporting, as well as our daily operations, we strive to be accurate and fair. Our reporting, newsgathering and our interpretation of information is is transparent, honest and courageous.  
  • Independence 
    We keep our distance from entanglements with governments, subjects, political figures and advertisers and we politely decline gifts. We do this to ensure our reporters are able to cover the news without fear or implications of favor.
  • Curiosity
    Curiosity should always be at the very foundation of our journalism. The ability to ask questions helps us better understand a story from multiple angles and include important voices that may be overlooked or underrepresented.
  • Respect
    No matter what, we will always treat our subjects, our advertisers and our colleagues with dignity and respect.

  • Diversity and inclusion
    We strive to hire, acknowledge and write about persons different than ourselves. We see this as an obligation to seek out and find those voices and ensure they are included in our stories as well as on our staff.
  • Accountability
    We don't like—or plan—to make mistakes. However, when we commit an error, we accept responsibility, and we will publicly correct it with an acknowledgment in the platform where the error occurred.

  • Excellence
    We seek to be the best in all we do, raising standards and achieving new goals.